Happy Birthday, I Grew You A Cat (with pics)

FYI, I know this is saturday, and i’m just getting to this, but her email day is THURSDAY, for anyone who wants to email her.  This will happen often throughout the mission because of health, so just be patient with me…

Okay, WOW so much to write about I don’t even know where to begin. this probably will be so scattered, bouncing around from subject to subject, sorry! I just have to write it all down as fast as i an!  My first day was a whirlwind! A great one of course, but my head was spinning about 70 mph. My comp and I were in our room and someone knocked on the door, I assumed it was our roommates, but I opened it and it was COURTNEY! (friend of Jessi’s who entered MTC a month ago, they’d been hoping to connect soon after she arrived)  We both just burst into tears and laughter and hugged each other so tight. It was the best thing ever. I actually see her a lot! Our rooms are just a few doors down from each other so our schedules are pretty much the same, and our classes are on the same floor! so we pass each other a lot and usually chat for a bit each night. She gave me that hug from you the other day, mama. It made my day.  I laughed so hard about the “meatloaf beet loaf” hahaha. ma please send me your blogs when you write them!  (it has taken me twenty years, and countless recipes and tweaking recipes, to find a meatloaf that my family will eat… i finally found one that everyone loves except joe. so we named it meatloaf beet loaf in honor of the christmas movie. i had made it this past week for nathan, and told her i can’t make it without thinking of her because she and joe were the toughest nuts to crack 🙂  also… we decided i’ll put her emails on my blog for those who don’t want to give me emails, we’ll post the link on Facebook or instagram when i get it done.  patience… i’ll get them done as quickly as i can).

okay. this week was SOOOOO GOOD. I love the MTC. so so much. I wish I had time to write every detail. First, my companion is Sister Clark. She’s from Durango Colorado and is going to the Samara Russia mission. We have SO MUCH in common. Most importantly, she loves the rain as much as me, so yes, we have left class for a minute to go be in the rain. I’m so glad I have a comp who will do that with me, haha. We laugh ALL THE TIME. Probably way too much. Yeah, way too much, and way too loud, and way too long. We’re working on it. haha. She’s so sweet. She’s just as indecisive as me, so the first day we had to agree to take turns making decisions, it worked so well and that system died after like three days because now we just make decisions! I’m gonna be weirdly decisive at the end of this. I can feel it. hahah. Also, her first name is Rebekah and she goes by Bekah…and I go by Becca…haha. it was fun to find that out. We have so much fun together. And we have the BEST roommates in the world, they’re not in our district. Sister Viehweg and Sister Braithwaite. They are the sweetest ever. It was sis. Brathwaite’s birthday on monday and we made her this way scraggly card that we got from the bookstore that was a picture of a scraggly little cat in a flower pot and on the inside it said, “happy birthday. I grew you a cat.” then we taped gobstoppers to it and wrote “directions: shake before opening” so it was like a little birthday miracca. we thought it was so funny. i thought I would lose my personality and become a missionary robot, but I haven’t at all. I’m so grateful. Anyway I LOVE my district. We’re all family here, which is nice because we only get to talk to our #1 families once a week, so it’s good. We seriously have way too much fun. It’s a party all the time. and ASH- we took your idea and are going to try and eat an entire thing of cereal one day. I’m way too excited about it. I’ll tell you everyone’s names when I send pictures, but Elder Ulrich is SUCH A GOON. He is so funny. His companion burped on accident at lunch one day (which happens all the time in class, and he has never laughed about it) and he just LOST IT. He was laughing so hard, and I have never met someone with such a contagious laugh before. Literally, he had at least 10 surrounding tables laughing HYSTERICALLY. We were all in tears and I almost peed. What’s even funnier, is no one past the 4 people sitting next to him knew what was going, I didn’t even know, but we all just laughed so dang hard . Sis Clark and I have planned for ME to burp at a meal when I’m sitting next to him, and see if we can beat the record of how many tables laugh. hahah. Also the other day, he was explaining something to us, and he said, “here’s the rub.” like, “here’s the deal.” hahah we lost it, it was so funny. Also, yesterday Elder Penndleton said the word “finagle”, sis clark and I had never heard that before, and we literally laughed for at least 30 minutes. Everything seems to be 12x funnier here, I think it’s because we’re so exhausted haha.  Oh my gosh, I love my district so much. Except, you RMs know about the “33” thing? (pg 33 in PMG talks about love or relationships or something) & EVERY TIME we even talk to them, someone is doing something with their fingers referencing “33”, it was funny the first 3 times but now it’s mostly annoying and sometimes funny. haha. it’s okay, they just got out of high school I guess I have to give them a break. They’re all so spiritual. It’s incredible.  We feel the love of Heavenly Father, and the gift of tongues as we learn russian.  Oh, sister clark and I are the only sisters in our district. I love it because you know I can’t handle that much estrogen. 

at choir on tuesday, I sat next to a girl and we asked each other where we were from…she told me she was from UKRAINE. I, of course, about jumped out of my seat and peed my pants, and said “I’M SERVING IN UKRAINE.” She was SO excited (tender mercy, because the other two people I met from Ukraine before the mish were not even excited..losers). I asked where she was from and she said, “Kyiv!” I actually jumped out of my seat and actually peed my pants (not really, it just adds effect…heh heh.) and said “I LIVED IN KYIV.” We chatted about that, and THEN, she said she was from OBOLON. That is EXACTLY where I taught in Kyiv! OH my gosh it was so crazy. She asked if I went to the Russian branch there, and I did once, and I remember seeing a girl with long blonde hair like she had, so I’m not entirely sure if it was here, but there is a GOOD chance I actually saw her at the Russian branch in Ukraine. SO CRAZY. Tender mercies are hopping around all over the place here. 

We just finished teaching our first “investigator”, Tania. Even though we knew she wasn’t a real investigator and probably speaks English, it felt so real. I have never felt so much love for someone I don’t even know before. It was crazy. The fact that her name was Tania (everyone in UA is named Tania lol), and then she gave us a candy from Roshen (the candy store in Ukraine…oh yeah, she’s from UA, also, at least that’s what she told us) and it made me miss Ukraine so much! I can’t wait to go back. It was so fun. The first lesson was good, we wrote out every word in Russian, what we would say depending on what she might respond with, and we basically read everything word for word. Actually that’s not true that was our second lesson. Our teacher made us memorize our first lesson and have only a few notes…RUDE. but slowly we were able to write less and less, and go off the spirit more. The russian language is hard, but it’s coming. I love it. The gift of tongues is SO REAL. in one of our lessons, tania asked us a question we had no idea how to answer in russian so, (in russian) we asked her if we could tell her in english now, and study then tell her in russian later, and she was so happy, she said yes. I answered in English, and the spirit was SO STRONG. We were all crying. Then the Lord blessed us to be able to answer clearly in Russian the next lesson. Throughout our lessons, we invited her to pray, read the book of mormon, pray about joseph smith, pray about baptism, go to church, and then yesterday we asked her to be baptized. She accepted all invitations and kept her commitments. (she made our job suupperrr easy haha) but it was so so cool. I loved teaching her, rumor has it she will be one of our teachers now. Little liar…she speaks english! and maybe she’s not even from ukraine! haha. just kidding. Our next investigators will be our teachers, Brother Miller and Sister Hoskins, and Brother Robley. I don’t know who we’ll teach first but i’m so excited. I love all of our teachers, they are so incredible at what they do, and their spirit is so strong. I love them. 

The schedule here is literally ,wake up, study, eat, study, teach, eat, class, study, plan, sleep. over and over and over. it’s so fun. haha. I LOVE YOU FAM BAM. Know that I am so happy. And that the Lord is blessing me to think of you often, but to not feel homesick. It’s wonderful here. I love you all. Have a great great great week! 🙂

PS, mom you’ll love this. Basically my whole district is sick, or having anxiety, or stomach issues with the food, so I’ve been passing out herbs like crazy. haha. everyone loves them. My comp, sis clark said “these food enzymes are like little angels in my belly.” hahaha. LOVE YOUUU. (& peppermint oil is MAGIC for tummy aches. holy cow.) (my girl…. :))
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