A Time To Smile

Copied from my journal…

My email convo with my brother this morning. So he is getting back to me on whether they are coming on Thanksgiving Day or the day after. We’ve always done the day after, but his in-laws are in Africa on a mission so this year they are open to going elsewhere. Remember that his son is currently doing Shakespeare with his school and is in fact competing this weekend, so the Walker Clan is in Shakespeare mode. Here is his reply:

“Ok – I confirmed with the boss.

We humbly propose to your Graces the following events:

Thanksgiving Day, we shall each feast the day in our own, far off lands with those few kin dwelling more near our local hamlets.

Le lendemain, the eastern Clans of Walker and the southern Clans of Ferguson will travel great distances over mountains, across wide valleys and treacherous rivers to arrive at the most revered Lampton estate of the Clan of Kane for to attend the festival of games and to feast upon the better aliments, held back from the feast of the yester eve to honor us, and after which we shall gaze in wonder at the growing stature of youngest princling.

And then we’ll kick your ass in Bunnies.” [note: Killer Bunnies” the game]

Here is my reply:

“Thy proposal doth make my heart sing oh brother. We accept with great anticipation the arrival of our Ilk, and wish thy travels to be not so treacherous as in past journeys. I wager that our feast shall be better than that of yester eve, as it always is, so long as ye shall bring the pie of pecan which, as in days gone past, shall be presented at our estate before thee or we shall strike thee down and send thee on thy way.

Forgive me dearest brother, but I must say that I fear thy confidence has waxed too strong. I do not know why thou dost believe that the bunnies shall waver in their devotion to our beloved Clan, for they have always been true in their loyalty. However, my fear is in vain I am sure. Thou hast always borne thy defeat very well indeed and I am hopeful that you will still. Be not dismayed. Our love for thee and thine will prevent us from defeating the Clan of Walker by too large a margin.

Godspeed my dearest brother.
Love thy most devoted and beloved sister.”

When I shared the string with my sister in NC, this was her reply…
“Well daaaaaaang! Hope ya’ll have a hunky dory turkey day!” Gotta love the South…

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