REAL Conversations at Our House number 2

As I lay in bed sick this afternoon, Becca came up to hang out with me.  She ultimately fell asleep, asking me to wake her in half an hour.  Which I did.  Later, I tapped her on her leg and quietly said, “Becca, you’ve been asleep for two hours.”  She slowly woke up, as her […]

Valentine’s Day…some wifely advice

It’s a nice “holiday” if you wanna call it that.  Totally unnecessary, unless you own Hallmark store, in which case holidays like this (made up ones to get people to spend more money on cards, like Grandparents Day) are your life blood.   I guess I’m just the kind that likes to give and receive […]

So My daughter says this one day after school…

This daughter and me, we aren’t particularly great with all things Math.  She’s much better at it than me, but still.  When there are four in the family who are Math Brilliant, it makes it even more frustrating on a good day.  As for me, I don’t help my kids with math past Second Grade. […]

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