REAL Conversations at our house…

We celebrated Christmas early this year, as our married kids are at in-laws for their Christmases.  It was a wonderful day full of laughter, lots of laughter, and presents, and food, and playing.  The littles often come find me wherever I am, which obviously makes my heart melt.  In fact, it’s not uncommon for them […]

REAL Conversations in our House #3

Recently, our daughter, Jessica (Becca), opened her mission call.  She was in Ukraine at the time, so we opened over a group video call.  Dad had been kidding her that he was going to open the call and change it to being called as a soldier back to Ukraine (Ukraine is currently at war with […]

Endings… and beginnings… and songs that heal the heart

“Did you know we have a song?” he said. We’ve never had “a song.”  Not even when we got married.  We didn’t have the dance.  You know, the big reception with “the father” dance.  That pivotal moment when one symbolically dances with their daddy to a song that says “thanks for raising me up and […]

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