REAL Conversations at our house…

We celebrated Christmas early this year, as our married kids are at in-laws for their Christmases.  It was a wonderful day full of laughter, lots of laughter, and presents, and food, and playing.  The littles often come find me wherever I am, which obviously makes my heart melt.  In fact, it’s not uncommon for them […]

Father’s Day… and remembering… and wishing…

A shout out to all the father’s in my life!  First and foremost my husband who is my strength, my joy, my everything.  He is patient with his invalid wife, never complains about his used up body of bad health, and keeps us all laughing through this journey we call life.  He has cast a […]

The Place in Between

Dear Mama.  It’s been nearly six months since I’ve posted a blog here in this place in between.  In between where I am and where you are.  In between.  Where my posterity will visit after I’ve traveled to where you are.  I’ve come here.  Numerous times.  I’ve written.  But I finish nothing.  Why is it so […]

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