“a day without scritpure reading is a very dangerous day”

2016 November 21

HI MY CUTE FAM BAM. It’s been another MIRACULOUS week in good ol’ Кривой Рог! I seriously love this city so much. hey heyyyy thanks for your address! now i know where we live! i need joe and kels’ new address too soon please!  hoepfully my package will get to you by chirstmas…probably it won’t but just pretend it’s chirstmas when you get it if not, k? 🙂 get excited. literally it will change your life. remember how i sent home my purple scritpures? sos please send me my patriarchal blessing and plastic bookmark and flower bookmark that was in thsoe…thanks! hey dad, i’m curious…who were the missionaries that taught you? i would love to know about them. and do you have contact with them? i thought it would be cool to send them a quick email. also, we were reading the white handbook the other day and i was just curious if y’all dedicated the new home! i don’t recall ever doing that, and it was interesting to me so i was just wondering! ash-whenever we’re in a hurry i still sing “hurry hurry hurry, i eat my rice and curry.” SOS. just like you’d like to know. also i’ way excited to get my ipod! can’t wait can’t wiat! i trust that y’all put some solid chirstmas music on there. okay, that’s everytihng on my random list of things i thought of during the week…..haha.

oh my goodness, SO MANY MIRACLES all the time!!! bah, i don’t have any idea where to start. we found some new people this week, that was really a miracle. one night we were walking with one of our investigators to the bus stop, and we had about an hour before we needed to be home, sister broadhead suggested that we go to a cafe we hadn’t been to before. (again, in this city we don’t walk up to people and introduce ourselves as misionaries and try to do street lessons, we mostly just make friends and go from there, so we spend a lot of time “cafe contacting”) we tried to talk to a few people but no one really cared to help us with russian (one of our best ways to talk to people is to ask for help with the language). we were both hot and tired and wanted to go home, didn’t really want to talk to people, but sis broadhead saw two girls sitting next to me, and she said, “just try to talk to them, and if they don’t respond maybe we’ll go do something else.” so we asked them for help with a few words, and the Lord took over from there. They weren’t necessarily interested int eh gospel, but the conversation was totally lead towards it and they were completely open. we basically taught the restoration. they wanted to exchange numbers and we will meet with them again this week. it was such a miracle. just as were about to give up, we tried one last time, and the lord just poured out blessings. the second finding miracle was yesterday, i was sitting on the bus, and this girl sat next to me. as soon as she sat down i just said, “hello, how are you?” the words literally fell out of my mouth before i even thought about it. i’m usually too scared to just start talking to people, and normally start conversations elsehow after about 5 minutes of mustering up the courage. also people here are usually super weirded out if you don’t know them and you just start a conversation like that. but this girl was SO NICE. she was so happy to talk to me, and she is the one who kept the conversation going, actually! we talked the whole 25 minute ride, and she said she would look at mormon.org and that it was really interesting to her. she said she will also come to our english practice and gave us her number so can go get tea some time. SO MANY MIRACLES holy cow. OH, and we met this guy who was way cool. he was really interested in english, but we told him a little bit about the restoration, and he wasn’t necessarily interested, but we could tell he felt something. it’s very unusual for people here just to keep talking to you. usually they are in such a hurry and they just leave quick, but this guy wouldn’t leave. even if the conversation had clearly come to an end, he came up with something to say to keep talking to us. we know he felt the spirit. we are praying he comes to english so we can help him have a chance to stay for the second hour when we teach lessons so that he can feel the spirit again. the lord is preparing people all around town!

sorry, i realize probably stories about people aren’t as exciting to you as they are to me, but i’m going ot tell you anyway. hahah. investigators! our one girl Вика (Vika) is on baptismal date still for 12/10 and she is incredible. OH she’s so prepared. she came to church! our lessons with her are so good. she is so open, and has such an incredible perspective on life. she has such good questions too. well, questions that i can’t answer, but many people here have CRAZY questions that they ask just to try and prove the church wrong, but she asks questions that she really ponders, like “why do we treat other people poorly?” things like that. she just rules. Елена (yelena) is so incredible. she has been ill all week so haven’t seen her, but last time we met iwth her she said she knows the BOM is true and she just doens’t know what to do about it. so we asked her to pray about baptism. we called her this week and she said, “maybe being sick isn’t all bad, because i’ve had more time to read the BOM and think about baptism.” oh my heavens. I just don’t know what to do with all the miracles heavenly father is pouring on us! we also met THE CUTEST little babushka this week. sister broadhead and i decided we’re moving to ukraine when we’re 80 just to be babushkee. I LOVE THIS COUNTRY. our other top investigator is Алина (aleena). she has been coming to church since the beginning of time in this city. she is incredible. she watched conference in october, and that’s when she really got her answer and decided she wanted to be baptized. her mother is really against it though, so it’s kind of a matter of time. she is on baptismal date for 12/17. we are praying hard that her mom will allow it. we had a really good lesson with her this week, and she said she felt so good after that she went home and just told her mom she wanted to be baptized. long story short, it didn’t go over all that well. her mom was very mad, and alena probably can’t come to church for a while. but we know there is a reason, and in some way this is preparing her for baptism. we are praying that the lord will help her know the way and what she needs to do! PLEASE LOOK FOR LITTLE MIRACLES. i promise you there’s a miracle happening right now. and one happened to you just a few minutes ago. and there will be another one in a few more minutes! they are literally everywhere. if you just look for tender mercies and miracles, you won’t know what to do with yourself you’ll feel so blessed. I promise you that.

last night we had a big bonfire with the members and investigators. ohhh, did i ever tell you that one of our 4 active members ran off to spain after ignoring us for a few weeks? haha…that happened. who knows. there’s a reason! okay, last night we had a bonfire and we had like 15-20 people there. it was so good. we brought stuff for smores and were going to teach them, but they all started doing it on their own. oh my gosh, i was dying it was SO FUNNY. all these ukrainians were like waving their marshmallows ovrer the top of the fire, back and forth. and then they just ate the marshmallows off the sticks and said “mmm, delicious!” i was laughing SO hard. eventually they got it right, and all had a proper smore with cookies and chocolate too. hahah.a i love this country.

Okay, i’m way out of time. i’m sorry. i wish i could write you all day long! i love you each so so much. thank you for all the pictures! they make my heart so happy! i love you with all my heart and more, my sweet family. have a GREAT week. GOOD LUCK with all the moving and unpacking and all that jazz! remember to always read your scritpures. a day without scritpure reading is a very dangerous day. 😉 LOVE YOUUUUUU. <3

91-FIRST SNOW! WHOOOHOOOOOOO. it melted so soon i’m way bummed, but it was super funN!!!

92-me and my cute cute comp!

1101-a park by our house!


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