Naples, FL

We’re here on a business trip.  We arrived Tuesday evening in Ft Lauderdale.  We had to fly there because we used the free companion ticket we had from Delta and they wouldn’t fly us any closer.  So we drove an hour and a half to get to this lovely Waldorf Astoria Hotel.  I’m just excited that I’m not sick in bed like I was in Scottsdale, so it’s been very fun!  I’m just now sitting on my balcony, 16 floors up, with a view of the ocean and the Jimmy Buffet music playing from my MacBook Pandora.  The ocean is very calm.  There is a light breeze.  I can smell the ocean, the salt water.  I can hear the tropical birds chirping and singing.  I can hear kids playing in the pool.  The sky is blue and the ocean is bluer.  An occasional plane flies overhead.  And Jimmy just keeps on singing.  This.  Is.  Perfect.

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A note…according to our golf cart driver from the beach dinner back to the hotel, there are gators all over Florida.  In fact we stood at a little pond where the golf carts pick us up and she told us all about the resident gator in that body of water.  When we asked why aren’t they removed?  Can’t they just come up on shore and eat us?  How big is it????  As I stood shaking in my flip flops she explained …they aren’t removed anywhere in Florida…they rule.  In fact people golf around 7 foot gators sunning on the course. (!!!).  This resident gator is ‘only’ 4 feet long.  They don’t bother humans unless they start getting fed.  So there are signs all over saying not to feed the gators.  I’ll get a picture of the gator’s home tomorrow.

The man in the slideshow above fishing…yeah, he’s just standing in the water on the side of his boat.  Fishing.  Whaaat????  Stay in the boat dude!  But here in Florida, they are used to it.  I do love Naples.  Other than being in Florida with gators and sink holes…I could live here.  I”ll stick with Hawaii, St George, or Arizona for retirement!  But we do love our visits to Florida :).

Once again, thanks HCA!  Send Grandpa on more business trips would ya?

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