Family Photo Shoot…kinda


typical moment during a photo shoot

fam_website_2.jpgfam_website_2.jpgfam_website_2.jpg   fam_website_2.jpgMy family strongly dislikes when I announce it’s time for a family photo shoot…again.  But.  We still do it.  This day we cho0se a gorgeous tree in full Fall colors and set out to do our work.  This is the fourth “group” shoot…first is the whole family, second the grand baby only, third my son’s family only, and last just us four (our older daughter is on a Religious Mission in Brazil so she’s missing this year)…needless to say that by now, they’ve about had it.  While my daughter in law plays with the baby in the pile of leaves we’d made, my older son is sent to the camera I had set up on the tripod to take a few shots AS I TOLD HIM TO.  However.  He decides, instead, to just sit there and push the button non stop.  Because after a 45 minute shoot (that’s all four groups folks, I know, impressive), I have 700 (gasp) pictures to peruse and delete and edit.  The upside is that we get these little gems thrown into the mixture.  A true moment of exasperation as I keep posing…nope not right…pose again…nope try again….  These are the pictures I love…the ones that capture the story, not just a pose.  Cheers!

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