Family Shoot in Hawaii 2014

This year, our big splurge was taking the whole family to Hawaii.  Okay, so here is how it all started.  Our daughter was in Brazil on an LDS mission.  When she left, she said she wanted her dad and I to fly there to pick her up (many parents do this).  As the end of her mission grew closer, we began to feel like it wasn’t what we wanted to do.  First of all, I have never aspired to visit Brazil.  Second, each plane ticket was $1500.  Third, I began to feel unsettled about interrupting the mission there, causing her and her companion to change focus from the work, to us poor parents who can’t speak a lick of Portuguese.  Not to mention causing the mission home there to change things around in their busy schedule to accommodate two parents who are helpless without their attention.  We called Church headquarters, and learned that the Church prefers for parents to not pick up their missionaries, but to go back with them after they have returned home, and then the family can spend more time doing whatever they want, visit any of their areas and friends, without disrupting the mission work.  Made perfect sense to us.  Papa (my husband) served in Japan, and he felt strongly that she would need the loooooong trip home to decompress, process this thing called coming home, and serve right up until the very end.  So we came up with an alternate option, instead of the two of us going to Brazil, we take the family to Hawaii after her return.  Luckily she was game.  It was a good decision.  I remember waiting for her at the airport.  We waited and waited.  And waited.  People kept telling us that she was indeed on the plane, was darling, and cute, and definitely got off the plane.  We waited some more.  I asked her later what took her so long.  She said “I just wasn’t ready.  I had to sit and just try to do it.  I just couldn’t come down the stairs yet.”  Poor thing didn’t want to come home.  She wanted to go back to Brazil.  But she eventually came down the escalator.  Thanks the heavens.  So this photo shoot is one we did at the end of our magical week together in Hawaii.  Click on the pics to see full size slide show and captions.  Cheers!

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