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Grandpa Walker has given me permission to post his entries here for posterity.  He has requested that the pages be locked, so you must have the family password issued by me (Oma) in order to view.

I have been bugging my parents, especially Papa, for YEARS to write their personal histories.  Out of the blue one day, I received an email from my daddy with the following introduction:

Dear Youngins,  I love you.  At the continued and loving “do it” from your Mama, I have begun writing some history of my conversion to the gospel.  I did put in about My Mama’s Kitchen.  I am sending it to you and I hope you can appreciate it just a little.  Max helped me get a laptop with Dragon on it.  Using that and typing, I have over 50 pages completed, except for the editing.  I want to get 100 completed and edited and send you a copy for Christmas.  I might make it but we will see.  Mom and I are ok.  We dearly love each of you.  You must remember that.  We love you!
Following this introduction was his entry “My Mama’s Kitchen.”  Tears flowed freely as I realized what I was reading.  He had finally done it.  He had started his history.  I emailed him immediately to ask permission to post his entries.  Even though they will be in a private and locked menu, I am thrilled to be adding them here!  It will take years for me to get it all done.  To this day he has over 150 pages.
I will record these in the order that he wrote them, although I will be breaking them up into segments/stories so that browsing different parts of it will be easy.  As I read through the first 72 pages that he sent me, it read much like a movie…with flashbacks to parts of his life as he told his story.  It is too difficult to try to take the sum of it all and organize it into chronological order, and it reads nicely as it is.  So the drop down menu, while there are different “stories,” is actually all in the order as he wrote it.

This morning here is my first attempt to begin a history or an account of my conversion story to the church. I will do this by talking using no notes, no outline,    and no organized way of telling the story. Consequently, much of what I write will need to be edited in order for this story to have cohesion.

We are hopeful that my using this program will help me to complete my  conversion history. I have to learn how to use this program.

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(If you hover over the menu item “Gpa Walker’s History” you will see a drop down menu of all entries to date)

Added April 21, 2015 from an email Papa sent to us kids…

I wanted to get all of you updated on my Record.  You ask: Why?  Well, if you get around to reading it in the future, you will find some details of how the Lord has assisted me, stories that I remember about you and lots of things.  My hope in doing this is that all my children, grandchildren and on down the line will know something about us and our family.  One day, perhaps, there will be a hard copy printed.  But for now, Julie is posting fragments of the Record on her blog Oma’s Heart.

We love all of you.  I pray upon each of you the blessings of the Lord.  We all can draw closer to Him and each day pray that for ourselves and for you.



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