So…this happened.

While Grandpa and I were on our way home from Becca’s lacrosse game, we get this little video.  Sent by my older son who was at our home doing homework with his family.  His caption?  “Not his brightest moment.”

When we arrived home, he was still stuck.  Funny for a minute.  Okay, funny for the whole time.  But me being the Mama did start to get a little alarmed when we really really couldn’t figure out how to get him unstuck.  Forgive the massive amount of photos here, but this is for my posterity.  So in my defense, that’s what I think about when I post.  And what I wouldn’t give to see something like this from my Grandma’s days as a mother.  So here is the rest of the story in pictures… (if you want to see the pictures larger, just click on them and roll through them at your leisure).

This is just a regular day at the Kane home.  Really.


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