Heavenly Father gave us a Chocolate Factory!

2016 November 7

привет моя семья! как дела? Я очень рада о новом доме!

woohooo about the new house! oh my goodness, i’m so so excited about it! mama, your kitchen sounds incredible! i’m so so happy. you are the hardest workers ever, i love you all so much! ok, few items of business…;) 1. The music rule changed again the very next day and WE CAN HAVE IPODS. it’s the best thing ever. an elder in our district gave us his ipod because they have a few in their apartment, but he’s going home so he needs it back…so PLEASE send my ipod. 🙂 i know you’re all crazy crazy busy, so it does not need to be a priority. y’all can choose the music, i just have a few requests….celine dion christmas, josh groban chirstmas (+ his song “you are loved (don’t give up)” and others like it), david archuleta chirstmas, disney (especially tarzan), enya, and polar express) 🙂 thanks so much! oh! and don’t send a card reader! i found a good one. 2. did you sell the square couch?  4. did my recipe notebook from kyiv show up during the move at all?! ok that’s all.

also, i got more packages and letters! you guys are seriously the best. sis klendening said you’re sending them a super expensive way though, hopeuflly she told you the better way to do it, but if she hasn’t then ask her before you send another because it’s way more expensive than it needs to be! thanks so much for all the packages. <3

also, i have my battery charger and a card reader, so i promise to take more and better pictures now. haha.

oh so much to write about. this week was INCREDIBLE. one funny thing that happened, (fair warning: this probably is a “had to be there” story though..) sis broadhead and i got way excited when we started burning our pumpkin pie candle, because we were going to burn ALL the wax, and i was so so excited about it. i’d never burned a whole candle before! so it got down to about 1/2 an inch to an inch or so, and the flame wouldn’t stay lit! we didnt’ know why, and we were just staring at it one day, and started reading the sticker ont he bottom aand then we read, “stop burning when the wax gets down to about 1/2 inch, as the glass may shatter.” ha…uh…woops! so all my hopes and dreams are crushed, knowing that i can never burn a whole candle. but we started a new one, so that was fun! ps. i love those baby yankee candles more than most things, i still have like 5, but keep em’ comin. 🙂 haha.

okay, y’all remember the L’viv Chocolate Factory that i always raved about in kyiv? so there’s a few in the mission, but none in Кривой Рог, and we have been so bummed! we go every chance we get when we’re in dnepr or something, but most the time it dones’t work out. and then the other day we were with some of our friends here, who we just happned to run into on the street at this mometn! and then sister broadhead asked where we could find a certain kind of chocolate, and i was confused why she was asking because we’ve already found a few places (i later realized she was solely being guided by the spirit), and they said, “at the lviv chocolate factory!” and i was like…that’s just rude. there isn’t one here! and then they said, “yes there is! it opened two days ago!” needless to say, we had the best dinner ever. Now there is a lviv just a dangerously short walk away form our house. (dangerous because we will go too much, not because it’s actually dangerous….it’s very safe ma<3) hahaha. Heavenly Father gave us a chocolate factory! If that doesn’t prove that God lives, that He loves us, and that miracles happen, i don’t know what does…haha. just kidding. есть много (there are many) miracle stories from this week.

..i have bad news. the pictures might not work on this computer……..i’ll ask this guy if i have time, but heads up, you might have another picture-less week. i’m SO sorry.

okay, 1st miracle. Лена.(Lena) she’s incredible. we’ve taught her the restoration, plan of salvation, and gospel of jesus chirst. she’s amazing. she started out just curious, not really wanted to find out if it’s true, just wanted to know what we belived. but she’s been reading the book of mormon, and praying about it and everything, she just doesnt’ necessarily have desires to join the church. and then this week, we were reading from the book of mormon during the lesson, and we asked if she’s been reading and praying, and she said, ” yes. i read and i prayed and asked god if it’s true, and i think that it is. i felt realy good. i felt that light. i belive it all.” i asked her if she thinks that was an answer from god that it is true and she said, “yeah, i…i think so. i guess i know it’s true! I just don’t know what to do now.” MIRACLE. she belives baptism is right, and knows it’s a necessary step, just doesnt’ know if SHE personally needs to do it. so we asked her to pray bout it. and i am really excited. she’s incredibe.

2nd miracle, Снежана (Snejana) probably i only have time left to write about her, but know that there are SO MANY more miracles happening here every day. the work here is incredible, truly. so, we’ve been friends with her for a while, but she’s never been intersted in the gospel. we’ve shared little verses with her and such, but she has never wanted to know for herself. she doesn’t belive in god. and then we were sharing a spiritual though with her the other day, and i just asked her if she wants to know for herself if god exists and to our complete surprise, she said, “actually….yeah. i do.”  GOD TRULY PREPARES HIS PEOPLE. THIS WORK IS INCREDIBLE.

I’m so so happy. truly. don’t even worry about me ever because i’m in the best place in the world, doing the happiest thing i could be doing! I LOVE YOU ALL SO MUCH. have a wonderful week. look for tender mercies. look for miracles. i promise you they are everywhere. and when you look for them, you will be happy. that’s the difference between moments i’m happy, and moments i’m maybe not. if i’m looking for miracles, i’m happy. if i’m not, i’m not. it’s that simple. i love youa ll so much, my cute family. <3
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