Homemade Cinnamon Rolls in Minutes. Really.

It’s true.  I like short cuts.  As much as I LOVE to cook and clean, I like to find ways to do it FAST.  My latest and greatest find?  Master dough recipes.  You mix em in five minutes, and stick em in the refrigerator.  Each day, you make whatever kind of loaf or artisan bread you want in about five minutes.  I’m a skeptic, so I had to give it a go.  Yup.  It works.  So far I’ve done the regular master dough recipe (which can sit in the refrigerator up to fourteen days), and the brioche master recipe (which you use up in five days because of the eggs).  For someone who doesn’t get very many minutes a day to be able to do anything besides go to appointments (because of a neck injury), this happened to just rock. my. world.  So here’s how it goes.  Last night I  mixed up the brioche dough.  Took five minutes.  Would’ve taken less except that I opt to weigh my ingredients instead of measure them.  Popped it the frig and went to bed.  This morning, I got it out, weighed out two loaves of brioche bread, and popped them into their pans (that took about three minutes), and used the rest to roll out some cinnamon rolls (that took about fifteen minutes cuz I had to look for and then chop the nuts). They are now resting and rising on the stove top for about an hour.  And poof!  There you go.

Cinnamon Rolls Rising

Cinnamon Rolls Rising

I’ll be a hero today by the way to my kiddos who think I slaved for hours (tee hee).  Here’s the recipe, you can find it later under the “From My Kitchen” tab at the top.  Or just click here.


340 grams lukewarm water
10 grams yeast (1 tbsp if your scale doesn’t go that low)
17-25 grams kosher salt (1 to 1 1/2 tbsp…I use fine salt, so just under a tbsp is plenty)
8 large eggs (yes you read that right.  it’s brioche people)
170 grams honey
340 grams melted butter (3 sticks…I don’t weigh this.  use less salt if you use salted butter)
1065 grams all purpose flour

Mix all ingredients in a bucket or bowl, just until combined well.  Place in refrigerator over night.  Can be used in three hours if you absolutely positively cannot wait.

Here’s the link to the authors’ blog.  I have the newest artisan bread book, and that’s where I got this recipe.  I recommend you buy the book, or take Zoe’s artisan bread class on craftsy.com.  Just type “artisan bread” in the search window.

Here’s the finished product… with a cream cheese glaze on top.




Finished Pan of Rolls!

Finished Pan of Rolls

Easy is awesome.

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