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Grandpa told me I need to explain why my name is Oma.  Well.  Yes, it’s the German name for Oma, and we do have German in our line.  But the real reason is that the kiddos said there are just too many “grandmas” already…Gma Walker, Gma Carol, Gma Ginger, Gma Kane…so I was given the assignment to find a different name.  Suited me just fine…Grandma sounded so OLD and I’m not really old.  Yet.  So I spent about a week playing on the internet, searching Gma names, weighing them all in the balance.  My brother Max declared that I WAY over thunk it…like I do most things.  Anyway, I put a few out there for grabs and my kids and my sister April decided definitively, that OMA was the right one for me.  And I absolutely LOVE it!  Our son married a deaf gal, so our first grandchild’s first language will be sign even though he is hearing.  The Deaf have what’s called “sign names” or signs they give so you don’t have to spell the name every time.  These sign names come randomly, and can only be given by a deaf person.  A hearing person can suggest a sign name, but  it has to be accepted by a deaf person and then given.  I haven’t received an official sign name yet, but that will come with time probably.  The first Grandchild often decides those sorts of things.  As for Grandpa…yeah, he didn’t really go for Opa (the German name for Grandpa).  So far he has remained just Grandpa (there’s only one other Grandpa anyway so it works just great).  So there you go!  The kiddos called it. Perfectly.

Cheers!  Oma

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  1. Thank you for the follow!

  2. Great choice! I’m omi because my mom was Austrian/Tirolean and her mom (my omi) was Austrian/Tirolean and her mom (my uromi) was German who married a Tirolean and, if I’m not mistaking her mom (my ururomi) was Hungarian. There are no blogs or scrapbooks only scattered memories and a few photos. What you have here is a treasure. Wishing you a wonderful weekend.

    • I love this, the history of your name. There isn’t so much meaning behind my choice for “oma” but it was funny how we all rolled over so many names to find just the right one. I love it, and it has caught on quite nicely. I’m afraid I don’t know what Tirolean is…I’ll be googling that. Thanks so much for sharing my friend!

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