“I’m Comin Home”

Our Daughter home from Brazil

Our Daughter home from Brazil

Our cute daughter Katie traveled home last week from Brazil.  She has just completed a year and a half LDS mission there.  She didn’t want to come home, she fell completely in love with the people and the culture.  But we were so excited.  If you’re reading this and you aren’t LDS (Mormon), then let me explain a few things.  In our Church, boys age 18 are asked to serve a two year mission for the Church, where they are assigned to a mission somewhere in the world, and they go and preach the Gospel of Jesus Christ.  Girls age 19 can choose to serve if they would like to, for a year and a half.  They are also assigned to a mission somewhere in the world and they go and preach the Gospel.  The assignments are made in SLC, by our Church leaders.  Missionaries are set apart (given a blessing) by our area Church leader before they leave, they then put on their little missionary tag and live by mission rules.  When they return, they are released by the same Church leader, soon after they arrive at the airport, at which time they take off their missionary tag and can live a normal life, without the mission rules.  The following conversation is from the group text that started the morning she was in flight on her way to us.  Her flight was due into Salt Lake City at 4:08.   This all started shortly after 8am.  In this string are me and my husband (mom and dad), Joe (brother to missionary), Kels (Joe’s wife), Becca (sister), Nathanael (brother), Ashton aka Ash (boyfriend to missionary).  Two of these were in school, and two were at work.  Note that this conversation may only be interesting to those in our family, who know us.  Maybe a few friends.  Regardless, I posted it because as I read back over it, I was laughing so much that I thought “you know, my grandkids just might get a kick outta this one day…”  So here it is, enjoy!

Becca:  7 hours and 10 minutes people!

Mom: Release is changed to 5:00pm.  Will go straight there after we get her luggage then to dinner after.  Will leave here at 3:15.  Meeting dad and Joe at airport.  Nathan hurry home off the bus.  Hugs!

Joe: leaving at 3:15? you will be there 30 min before the plane even lands…unless it’s changed?

Kels:  She lands at 4:10…traffic etc

Becca: I can get Na right after tech if you wanna check him out early!  I can be to his school by 2:10 probably.

Joe:  Holy crap I’m excited haha

Becca: Oh my gosh I can’t wait!!!!  Ash, are you coming to the airport or meeting us at release?

Joe: Airport

Kels:  She’s asking Ashton

Joe: oops.

Becca: Ma, wanna check Na out right now too and we can both make posters?

Kels:  Is katie even gonna want us all at the release?  She might just want you guys.

Mom:  everyone at release.  Katie will want that.  Na can’t miss anymore school.

Kels:  All righty.  Sounds good.

Na:  Yes, check me out.

Ash:  Airport.  High fives here we come.  (missionaries aren’t allowed to hug or kiss members of opposite sex, except for immediate family)

Becca:  Oops sorry Na.

Na:  Gosh dangett!!!

Dad:  no texting in school!

Mom:  Ash, ride with us.

Ash:   Will do.  I’ll be at your house at 3:00

Kels:  Busted!   (responding to Dad’s texting in school) 

Na:  I’m in TA leave me alone

Dad:  haha Na

Na:  This is dumb I can’t even do anything for Katie because of stupid school.  By the way my bus comes very late so I need a pick up anyways

Dad: You should drop out a join a gang

Becca: Our gang sign can be a high five

Kelsey: ~laughing~

Na:  Deal

Joe: Can I join your gang na?  I’m tired of school too. But you have to figure out how we will make $$

Na:  easy, we will become leaders of the mafia

Joe:  The high five mafia.  We can charge a dollar per high five

Joe: 7 hours and 11 min.

Mom:  Wait.  How did we get to mafia high fives from yea katie’s coming home…

Na: Cuz I am mad I can’t do anything for Katie after not seeing her for how long?  1 1/2 years, cuz school, so dad told me to drop out and join a gang

Kels:  Katie should be in Florida right?

Me: Ya, florida.  Bet she’s tired.  Bet she still looks like a million bucks too.

Kels: ~smiley~

Mom: Wait. Nathan. Dad told you to drop out of school?

Na: Yes, because I can’t do anything for my sister that I haven’t seen in 1 1/2 years, and I’m ticked.

Becca:  And join a gang.  Joe and I are also dropping out. ~clapping~

Kels: Hey na, I made Bentley a welcome home shirt, you can say you made it.  Deal?

Na:  No.  I won’t lie.

Mom: Awe, that’s my honest Abe.  How’s bout I let you pay for the balloons?

Ashton:  stay in school Jess, I’m actually at Riverton as we speak  (the high school)

Na: Yeah, and then you get to pay me back 10 fold, deal?

Becca: Wait, what Ash? Where are you???

Ash: Right behind you… *high five

Becca: I’m so frightened.  Where are you?

Mom:  HS again Ash?  See Becca and Na.  THAT is why you don’t drop out of school. (ash is 22)

Joe:  Na don’t be mad.

Na:  Because I don’t get to do anything for my sister coming back from her mission?

Becca:  Na it’s okay ~heart~

Joe: Yes.  You get to be there for her at the airport.  Way better than making a poster that will be thrown away in a week.  I’m not making anything either.  Because I have ‘stupid work’ it’s okay na.  She doesn’t care what is there.  She cares about who is there.  I couldn’t tell you one thing about what you guys brought to my home coming.  But I know you all were there.

Na: okay

Joe:  Also.  Being ticked isn’t going to change the circumstance.  So don’t let the situation control you and dictate your mood for the day.  You choose to control your mood.  Choose happiness and excitement to see your sister.  ~smiley~

Dad:  That’s way better advice than ‘join a gang’

Mom:  And this is why parenting is so easy.  Go Joe!

Kels:  6 hours people!!!

Mom:  Nathan.  Becca is picking you up at 2:50.  Don’t get on bus

Dad:  1 hour.  You guys left yet?

Mom: No.  Waiting for Becca and Ash

Ash:  Hey I’m 2 seconds from house

Na:  Yeah! Yeah! Yeah!

Dad: Papa leaving work going to airport now ~thumbs up~

Dad:  I just got passed by a Prius.  How embarrassing.

Joe:  Don’t text and drive papa

Becca:  Don’t text and drive Joe

Joe: It’s actually Kels texting for Joe ~smiley~

Dad:  Siri texting for dad

Na: haha

Dad: papa is at the airport

Becca:  30 minutes!!!!!

Here’s the homecoming album, click on the pictures to see captions… Cheers!


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