I’m Livin the Dream!

HELLO мая семя! я вас люблю! how are you all?! Thank you for the packages!! they always make my day.

happy birthday ma. 🙂
IT WAS SUCH A GOOD WEEK. every day on the mission is the best day of my life. seriously, the last like 4 of my journal entries have started with, “today was the best day of my life.”  and it’s always true! an elder in our zone that just left on sunday would always say, in a way that sounded somewhat sarcastic, “I’m livin’ the dream!” we thought it was hilarious. so in a way to just humourously (what is that word? i used to have good english 🙁 ) copy him, sis clark and i woke up the other morning and said “i’m livin’ the dream!” and we had the best day ever….so we did it again the next day, and the next day, and now about every 12 minutes, and we have the best days ever!!! It’s a very simple way to do what papa tells us. “pray and fake it.” i learned that that’s a simple phrase i can say that’s so true! and easy to make me feel better, instead of trying to lie to myself and say that something i don’t like is wonderful. which is also great, but it takes longer for those ones to feel true. ANYWAY, live the dream, and you’ll have the best day every day of your live. promise.
one reason this week was so great was….we had THREE apostles come in ONE WEEK! WHAT. remember how Elder Christofferson came last sunday? (by the way, so cool joe that he spoke to you on your mission too!) well, he just started a trend. Elder Ballard spoke on Tuesday, and Elder Cook came on Sunday. Crazy town. the spirit these apostles bring into the room is incredible. I’ve felt the spirit in ways I never have before while they bear very personal, POWERFUL testimony that our Savior lives. it’s crazy. i wish i could type up all my notes from each of their talks, their incredible. see if they post them online! you have to read them if you can! which reminds me, i love getting talks, keep ’em comin! 😉 you could even eamil them and i can print it off on p day, that might be easier for y’all. alsoo…..there’s a small rumor with some scarily convincing evidence that there might be a missionary choir at general conference this year….and i’ll be in the mtc during conference! don’t get your hopes up, but there’s a slim slim chance….:)
a rather somber part of this week was when a ton of our zone left. including our roomies. 🙁 now we’re all alone, and yes, we sing donkey’s song from shrek at least once a day. it’s real sad. we got SO close with a lot of the missionaries that left on sunday so that was rough, but it’s all good! oh, also, the missionaries who got reassigned from russia to ukraine are in the states for a transfer while their visas get sorted out.  it’s crazy. so our classroom building has been pretty empty and sad, BUT we got new missionaries yesterday! oh, and PS, sis clark and i are sister traning leaders. haha. it’s fun, but we have a phone and it’s the hardest responsibility i have i think. we’ve already lost it, broken it, and we forget it at least every time we leave a room. anyway, because we’re STL’s we got to welcome the new districts! we got 8 sisters, and 5 billion elders (like 20). it’s so fun. we love them so much! it’s so fun. i can’t believe we’re the “oldest” in our zone. i still feel like the baby. WEIRD.
next best part of the week, LESSONS. OH MY GOSH. I LOVE TEACHING. So you know Vera? maybe not. idk if i’ve emailed about her yet. well, we got transferred, so we had our last lesson with her. (it all feels so real even though it’s just our teachers and transfers are fake…i sometimes forget it’s not real) it was really sad, but it was also the most powerful lesson we’ve ever had with her. she lives with her boyfriend, so we’ve been trying to help her know that if she just moves out and lives the law of chastity and has faith that everything will work out. she’s been faithful, but not willing to act. until our last lesson with her. we just were talking, and she said she read the chastity pamphlet we gave her, and she left it on her table, THEN her boyfriend read it! he doesn’t really want to do that, but he loves her even more for wanting to and i think he’ll be on board soon. She’s going to be baptized on the 23rd. WHAT. she bore her testimony, we shared experiences, which we haven’t been able to do in russian until that lesson, and it was just amazing. when we told her it was our last lesson, she was said that we were leaving, but it was cool to see her reaction. a lot of investigators are in a way converted to the missionaries, not the gospel, and when the missionaries leave they stop progressing. but we told her we were leaving, and she said “WHAT? what do i do? can i still get baptized? will i have more missionaries? can we talk to the bishop? what does this mean?” that totally testified to me that the spirit converted her to the GOSPEL, not to us. don’t worry, we set it all up for her to meet with the new missionaries and get baptized still. 😉 oh, SO COOL.
next, Vacili. he is super super quiet, and depressed. all of our lessons he’s looked down, and not really been super open. he’s just got a rough situation. we learned, with the help of other missionaries in our district who also noticed, that he doesn’t pray in the name of Christ like we taught him, and then we all figured out that he’s saying the same prayer with us every time…that was our answer of why he wasn’t progressing! he didn’t understand prayer. and he didn’t know he didn’t understand prayer. we had invited him to be baptized but he was super unsure, didn’t know if this was true or anything. so we taught him a lesson prayer. taught him again how to pray, and had him pray with us. the spirit was SO STRONG as he prayed. it wasn’t a life changing moment, he was still the same nervous, depressed, closed off Vacili after he prayed, but the spirit was stronger. we invited him to be baptized on the 23rd and promised he would recieve an answer about the church if he would pray like we taught him, and read the BOM. our next lesson, we were a little unsure about what to teach, so we put something together, but had a backup plan to read the scrips with him in case he didn’t read or still didn’t have a testimony. we kind of thought that was the way the lesson was going to go. but we got in there, prayed, asked if he read and prayed, and he said “yes, i read. it was understandable to me. i know this is true. i want to be baptized. what do i need to do to be baptized? how do i get baptized? what if i was already baptized in another church? i want to be ready to do this.” OH MY GOSH i thought i was going to explode i was so happy. we proceeded with our lesson, and we will start preparing him for baptism by teaching him the commandments and such!
i’m sorry, i realize probably no one cares to hear all that about my fake investigators, haha. but it’s a huge part of the MTC, and it’s where i learn and change most i think. I know the spirit changes lives. I’ve seen it in my investigators and myself. The MTC is changing me. Russian is changing me. My teachers and my investigators are changing me. All for the better. Something our choir teacher told us that Michael Angelo would look at a marble stone and just stare at it until he saw inside what the rock needed to be, and then he’d carve. he said that’s how heavenly father sees us. He SEES the potential in us. and he chips away whatever is hiding that potential, whatever is getting in the way. he doesn’t do this to hurt us. he doesn’t give us trials to see us suffer, he gives us trials to break away what’s hiding our potential, and to bring out the gods and goddesses in us. it’s such a special experience to get a glimpse of heavenly father’s love for us, how he sees us, by seeing it in my investigators. i love them so much. (if my love and joy for these fake investigators here is making me want to burst….i think i might actually explode in the field when it’s the real deal. haha. pray for me. 😉 ) oh man. i’m so happy.
one more spiritual thing i learned then funny stories so quick. i learned that heavenly father doens’t just answer our prayers. he answers, then he answers again, then again, then again, maybe one more time, and then he throws in a couple tender mercies just for fun. he’s incredible. I love him so much. i had a question, and he answered me in about 20 different ways, then it rained. hard. and there was thunder, and lightning that lit up the mountains and made the sky purple. you all know how much that means to me, so you understand. 🙂 and that’s not even all, i am STILL recieving answers to this question a week later and i’ve seen about a million tender mercies associated with it. our God is so unbelievably merciful. what a guy. also, the leaves are changing and it smells like fall. tender mercy. I LOVE FALL.
okay funny stories. well, gross/funny first. service….oh i love service. livin’ the dream….SOS. we did toilets last saturday. i won’t give ya the dirty details (literally). i’ll just say that with showers, we gag once or twice, and it’s not that fun, and we complain. but toilets resulted in constant gagging, cringing inside of my body that i didn’t even know was possible, and we both cried. pls send help. next funny thing is related. sis clark and i were int he showers next to each other the other night, and she just yells, “SISTER KANE. I FORGOT MY SHOWER SANDALS. PRAY FOR ME.” and i said a prayer that she wouldn’t get any fungi. haha it’s so funny, but it’s terrifyingly serious. also, Elder Ulrich dislocated his thumb and has a soft cast on his whole hand and arm, it’s kinda funny. Also, his hand puns are getting out  of hand….(see what i did there?) pls send help my humor has taken a turn for the worse. and the last one that i have time to write, is that Elder Schramm sometimes just takes off and wanders around the building. it’s actually kinda scary but it’s fun…heh. but his comp always has to follow him, and he was sick of it. our district all wanted to be together, so we ALL followed Elder Schramm around! and then we got bored, so we started singing. it wasn’t to make him mad even though it may sound like it was, it really wasn’t, haha. anyway, it was way fun, and just picture that….9 people singing, just followed one person around the builiding, up and down the stairs, all over the place. it was hilarious.
okay, that’s all i have time for. we’re meeting our district to go do sealings together at the temple today! i’m so excited. I LOVE YOU ALL SO MUCH. HAVE A WONDERFUL WEEK. live the dream, and if you’re not livin’ the dream, just say you are and you will be (pray and fake it), read your scriptures, and say your prayers. you can do hard things! i love you!
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