Jessica’s 18 Month Mission Emails

I have created this menu so that we can share Jessica’s (we call her Becca) emails while she is in the mission field.  This is primarily for those who are not on the “mission group” email for one reason or another.  I was asked to do this, so here you go!  We are excited for her unique opportunity to serve the Lord full-time for 18 months.  She will be serving in the Dnepropetrovsk (hey my computer just corrected my spelling of that Ukraine name… whaaaat?) Ukraine mission.  Yes she is close to the border where the front lines are fighting Russia.  No we are not comfortable with that.  Yes we trust the Lord to keep her safe.  No we do not know, however, if she will be safe.  Yes we are making sure our passports are current :).    Just hover over the menu and the drop down will show up.

There will be some links that require a password.  Only those given the password will be able to access and this will be immediate family members.  She has asked that we edit out things that are unnecessary for everyone to read.


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