Mama Monday (by me, June 15, 2015)

2:53am: doctor pronounced her passing
2:17pm:  Max, Katie, and I arrived in Raleigh, NC.  Rented a car, picked up Holly at ADATC (addiction treatment center in Butner, NC), and headed to Gpa’s house.
We arrived about 7:00ish.  Papa was sitting in his recliner chair.  He was doing okay.  Very quiet, very grateful that we were there.  I hugged everyone, there were tears.  Tammy had just gone into their bedroom to get something of mama’s, and was breaking down in the kitchen.  We all seemed able to pull ourselves together for daddy.  He would break down for a minute, every now and then, when he would have to talk about funeral arrangements.  They had already spent the day at the funeral home finalizing some logistics.  He was tired.  Dean came, he reminds me of Joseph, and he hugs me like Joseph, so I cried some.  April came in later and fell into my arms and sobbed for a few minutes.  The general feeling was somber, reverent.
Daddy had a tender moment when he retraced the whole day on Sunday from the time she collapsed at Church until the time that she died.  After Mama finished playing the closing song at the end of Sacrament meeting, she was standing and talking with a few women as she always does right after, and before they go to SS class.  They were standing in a circle visiting.  Mama stopped, put her fingers on her temples and looked down, and swayed a little.  Her friend asked her if she was okay.  She said, “…I don’t think so…” and then slumped forward and started to fall. This friend caught her, and two deacons rushed over to help lay her on the floor.  Daddy had already gone into SS class where he was going to teach.  Someone ran to get him.  He hurried to her side, knelt down beside her and started talking to her.  He noticed that her eyes were already glazed over, and he knew she was not likely to come out of it.  He told her not to leave him before she was rushed off in the ambulance.  He described her slow demise as, over the next about twelve hours, her body slowly shut down until she was no longer breathing on her own, and the ventilator was breathing for her.  He and Tammy stayed with her body for a few hours after she passed, as Daddy wanted to do.  They pronounced her dead at 2:53am on June 15, 2015.  But one of the kids told me that Tammy said daddy felt like her spirit had left her body a couple of hours earlier, which would have been around 1:00am.
We stayed until late, and Katie and I left for April’s.
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