A Memorial Day Tribute…

Dear Mama,  I remember years ago, checking out at a grocery check stand in Ogden, Utah.  I saw a very old woman walking slowly out of the store with a cart over loaded with potted mums.  It took a minute for me to realize that she was on her way to a cemetery to place flowers on all of her loved ones’ graves.  It was a sad scene to me.  I wondered if she had outlived everyone.  Her cart was so full of flowers.  I have never forgotten it.  

I have never placed flowers on a grave on Memorial Day.  I suppose I’ve never lived near a cemetery where any of my loved ones are buried. I would have placed flowers on my Grandma Walker’s grave had I lived there, close to Burlington.  I usually watch Memorial Day Videos online, tributes to our fallen Soldiers who have given us our freedoms.  But this is the first Memorial Day since you left us, and so, while I still watched those videos, and have given thanks for our Country and freedoms… my thoughts have been primarily of you.  I will have flowers delivered for you, to daddy, this week (for some reason florists don’t deliver on Memorial Day, go figure).  Flowers that I would have delivered myself, to place on your memorial in his home.  So.  As I have sat here in bed this Memorial Day, with Dave by my side.  As our children travel home from their Holiday fun in the sun.  I have chosen to put together a slideshow in your honor, since I can’t do anything else.  

I think all of us, in the middle of our Holiday celebrations, have thought a lot about our mama.  So here’s to you, and your wonderful life, with joy still filling us up as you continue to watch carefully over each of us.  Cheers!  (this is almost 9 minutes, with all the pics I currently have, so settle in…)

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