“Mommy, That’s a Bad Word. You Need a Time Out.”


You know those bad words?  The ones we work tirelessly to teach our children that they should not be said.  “Stupid.  Dumb.  I Hate You.”  Yeah.  Those words.  As Mommies, we’re largely successful in this endeavor, at least with the older children.  Once we have teens, well, let’s just say my younger children had a COMPLETELY different vocabulary than my older ones.  I digress.

On this particular day, I must have been frustrated at something, because

I slipped and said “stupid.”

My little three year old, one of those in my family who grew into an intellect (see posts here and here), didn’t miss a beat.  “Mommy, that’s a bad word.  You need a time out.”  This of course was said behind me, because I wasn’t facing him when I slipped up.  First I was shocked (at getting caught), then I tried to explain myself as I stumbled over my words, and then.  I stopped.  I suddenly realized what he had just said.  A time out. Whoa baby.  Could this be real???  In a matter of seconds, I deduced what this could mean.  Baby asleep, book on bedside table, tired mommy…I quickly pulled myself together and said, “Oh honey, you are right.  Mommy is so sorry, and sooo bad.  I DO need a time out.”  He looked positively triumphant in that moment as he smiled and watched me walk upstairs and close my bedroom door.  Goodness gracious.  Oh my stars!

How could this have slipped my mind all these years?  

I was in complete heaven!  You’d have thought I just walked into a $2000 suite at a vacation resort.  I practically giggled, my arms rising to the ceiling as I practically squealed, and then I twirled, and jumped onto my bed, landed on my back and just laid there for a moment taking it all in!  Goodness gracious!  I was in time out!  I laid there, I looked around, I took deep breaths, I opened the windows to let in the fresh air, I picked up my book, and away I went into perfect perfect world.  I’m not sure how long it was (45 minutes maybe) before I heard a tiny little knock on my bedroom door, “mommy?  are you in there?”  Oh!  Riiight.  There’s a child out there…”Yes, honey.  I’m still here.  It was just a REALLY bad word, so I need a few more minutes.”  He squeaked out a small “okay” and patiently waited while I pulled myself out of my paradise, and walked out of my vacation suite and entered the world of reality again.  He was awfully glad to see me.  Unfortunately, I think I over did it.  You see, all of my efforts to get put into time out going forward, all failed.  He never sent me to my room again.  ~sigh~

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  1. This is so sweet– I was imagining that poor 3-yr old face waiting outside the door for you to come out from your time-out! 🙂

    • Well you can be sure he was watching Barney for most of the time, not camped out by my door ;). He was quite content for some time that he had bested me. He was a very independent little guy, informing me (later in life) that I did NOT need to walk him to the end of the driveway for the bus on his second day of Kindergarten. His independence makes this story more sweet/funny…the fact that he actually reached a point where he was ready to need me again! Funny guy. He has grown into a fine man, with a son of his own, who is JUST like him. We get a lot of laughs as his own little guy does some funny things just like his daddy. Thanks for stopping by and commenting, have a wonderful day! Cheers!

  2. This is the dearest thing I have read! Don’t forget that you are mommy and that you have the very right to….nay, you must put yourself in timeout every time you slip up. Just don’t overdo it. Kids are way smarter than we think. 🙂

    • So true, and now that I have adult kiddos, I realize how MUCH smarter they are! He is the only child that ever put me in time out, I’m sad to say. But after many years, I did learn to put myself in time out and give myself those much needed breaks. I remember when I was twelve, my mother left for two weeks to attend to her Grandmother’s funeral on the other side of the U.S. To me it felt like she was leaving the earth, I missed her so bad. But when she came home, I was shocked at how refreshed she was. She was happy, and rested, and fun, and talkative…as much as I missed I remember wishing she would leave us more often, just so I could have her that way again and again (I’ll have to blog about that…it would be a good thing for the grandkids to read…). We get so caught up the exhaustion and tasks of being a mama that we too often forget ourselves. And I learned at a young age how detrimental that can be. Unfortunately, I forgot when I was older and had to learn it again from my kids. Thank you for your insight. Cheers!

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