An Old Timey Song

This is a video from the Walker reunion this past summer.  It has taken some time to start getting these on the blog.  But these songs.  These are songs and stories and times that need to be recorded for all of you kids and grandkids.   A gathering like this, with three guitar players, and plenty of singers, and all things past as far as the songs go… is timeless and begs to be remembered.  Grandma Walker has recordings of her daddy singing these old songs.  Songs he grew up with.  Songs she grew up with.  The actual recordings that were handed down to Grandma Walker are not ones you would recognize as something you have used in your growing up years.  They are on reels of tape (the kind you see on the black and white films if you’re inclined to watch them) And if I remember correctly some effort has been given to transferring them to other devices.  But still.  The only way we actually get the songs is like this, in a humble family gathering with the few who know them.  My brother Max took it on himself years ago to listen to these songs, and learn them.  To date, at least in our little family circle, he is the only one that has actually learned them.  And so for now at least.  They stop with his son Carter, who has also learned them.  It is a thin thin cord that these songs hang by, holding on for dear life, to not be forgotten in the memories of long ago, tucked away in the minds of the precious few who grew up with them, like my mama, your Grandma Walker.  Thankfully, here is one that I get to pass on to all of you.  This one we do not know the real name of, but Max just calls it “the birthday song.”  I have fond memories of listening to this song when my Grandma Smith was there.  (Grandma Smith is actually my great aunt, aunt to my mother.  We called her Grandma because she helped raise my mother after her mother died when she was four years old).  Grandma Smith could belt out the best “puking” noises of all time.  Now THAT I wish I had on tape!  Cheers!

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