mama… and birthdays… and choosing joy

I suppose stuff like birthdays aren't really a thing where you are now.  But here.  Here it's still your birthday to those of us thinking about you and missing you and wishing you were with us.  So for old time's sake, we are all wishing you a Happy … [Continue reading]

Father’s Day… and remembering… and wishing…

A shout out to all the father's in my life!  First and foremost my husband who is my strength, my joy, my everything.  He is patient with his invalid wife, never complains about his used up body of bad health, and keeps us all laughing through this … [Continue reading]

Yesterday… and Tomorrow… and Forever…

Dear mama, there are three things heavy on my broken heart tonight... Yesterday is the one year anniversary of the last time I heard your voice.  You called each one of your children, just to check up.  You had never done that before, called us … [Continue reading]

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