That’s Japanese for “good-bye” and this is a song my papa wrote many many years ago.  He served an LDS mission when he was 25 years old.  He spent two and a half years there, the first six months was learning the language.  I suppose when he left to come back home to the States, he knew he would never return.  This song he wrote when I was a child.  I grew up listening to it. I don’t know the story behind it, other then what I’ve told you.  I’ve wondered many times.  It is a beautiful song.  It is a sad song.  Rarely can I hear it now without a big annoying lump appearing in my throat, and I try desperately to swallow it a million times while simultaneously blinking really fast to make the tears go back in, instead of down my quivering face, and hoping no one noticed before I can get it all accomplished.  I know the video is awful.  I’m better at pictures.  At the end of the song, you’ll see my papa breaking down.  Then my mama breaks down a little while she comforts him.  And lucky you can’t see my blubbering face behind the camera.  I suppose the same thing was on all of our minds.  It was the last day we were to be together before my folks left us to go back to their home in North Carolina.  It was a tender day.  Emotions were awfully close to the surface.  And this good bye song just about did many of us in.  Here you go!  My papa’s song “Sayonara.”  Cheers!

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