“Sister Kane… is bendadryl pink???”

hellooooo мая семя! (my family) how are you all?! thank you for your dearelders. I love them more than most things.  That’s so fun that you’re in nashville again daddy! I think back on that trip often, especially when the Nashville Tribute Band came to the MTC, it was so much fun.

okay. this was kind of a crazy week! first, about 30 missionaries in my zone and the other russian speaking zone got reassigned. it was nuts. Many of them were reassigned from Russia to Ukraine (i’m not the only one going to my mission anymore! yayyyy!!), and a few were reassigned from russia to different missions in russia. it was on lds news, did anyone see? I did not get reassigned, PS. we saw it was on lds.org, and i said “oh no. i can see my mom freaking out right now wondering if i got reassigned, and dad is saying ‘it’s okay, she would have emailed if she did.'” hahaha. 🙂 it was crazy. they all are so faithful. they just accepted their new assignment without hesitation and trust that it’s the Lord’s plan for them. They are going to have to go to the states for a few weeks though while they get their visas figured out, so some people are having a hard time with that. but anyway, it’s crazy that russia is so nuts that they’re having to spread out and lessen the number of missionaries there. also, our roommates are the only sisters still going to Moscow after all that. it’s so weird!
D. Todd Christofferson came for the devo on Tuesday!!!!!! IT was so so cool. WE did choir this time, which is always one of my favorite parts of the week, our director is incredible and it’s so so spirtual. We sang a beautiful arrangement of “sweet hour of prayer” and it was amazing. We were in the perfect seat, and it was just the best. Everyone stood up when he came in, it was the spirit just slapped me int he face when he came in! he spoke on teaching repentance and it was really cool. we have “district review” after tuesday devos, which is just when our district gets together after and talks about the devo and has a little testimony meeting type thing. It is always so spritual. this week’s was especially. so many of the people in my district answered my prayers, and it was so amazing to see the spirit totally take over as they spoke, they may never know why the spirit was practically, and at times literally, making them yell things they probably don’t even know why they were prompted to say. But I know. it was for me and i’m so grateful. I love my district!!!!!! we’re all going to do sealings in the temple together next week it will be so fun. which, speaking of, i totally could have been doing family names this whole time. I didn’t even think to bring them, dang it. that’s all of the spiritual stories that i have time to share this week! oh, and Chad Lewis spoke to us on sunday! It was incredible! He was a former player for the Philidelphia Eagles football team.
IT’S FALL. the colors on the mountains are changing, the air is more brisk, I LOVE FALL. so many fall memories are running through my mind, most of which are of the fam bam at cornbellys, i’m gonna miss cornbellies so much this year. make sure you go, and katie and ash, take our annual pictures in the one cutout thing, please, okay? 🙂 thankkssss! haha. i love fall!!!!!!!
okay, so many funny stories and so little time. i’ll write them as a list this time I think.
1. Sister Clark leaned over to me while we were reading our scriptures and said, “sister kane…..is bendadryl pink?” she took benadryl when she meant to take ibuprofen. it was hilarious.
2. There are bats in the MTC. Yeah, you read that right. Bats. They evacuated an entire building because of it. also, my sweet Sister Clark is the most gullible human on the planet. we convinced her that there were also flying lizards in that same building. she also believed that there are cows in germany that you can milk chocolate milk out of. she’s so fun.
3. Elder Schlegel, from Germany, saw a school bus and about lost his mind. apparently the buses in germany are REALLY nice. “AH, NYET!! (nyet is how the word for “no” in russian is pronounced) I have no words for this!” we told him all our school bus stories and i though he was gonna pass out, it was so funny.
4. The Elders told us they use their vent as a refigerator, so we finally found a way to preserve sis clark’s lifeline-carrot juice. we unscrewed the vent and put it in there. reason #26 why elders are more fun than sisters. all our dorm does is squeal and jump. ew. elders have fight night (arm wrestling) and turn each other’s power off in the breakers. hahah.
ahh there’s so much more I wish I had time for. in other news, heavenly father played a real fun joke on me that i’m actually way grateful for! sis clark and I needed the honey, and noticed someone took it to the table, and guess who had it….the ASL missionaries. so I was forced to sign to them to ask for the honey! and i did it! I wasn’t even that scared and I finally signed to the ASL missionaries, hahaha. now they know who I am and were happy to sign with me. It was so much fun. I also met some ASL Elders in the women’s bathroom. they were just cleaning the mirrors for a split second, but the story is more interesting without the explanation. 😉 just kidding. umm Elder Schramm took a speaking test to try and leave the MTC earlier. We don’t know if he passed yet or not, we’ll see! well, that’s about it! I did not do very good on pictures this week…I’m sorry. but here’s what I have! LOVEE YOUUUUU. Have a wonderful week, my sweet family. 🙂 I love you all more than you could even know. thanks for being so loving and supportive. thank you for your packages, letters, and dearelders. thank you for your prayers. I truly feel them strengthening me. I love you each so very much.

all my love and so much more, my sweet family,
Cectpa Kane
Sister Jessica Kane
Provo MTC
2005 N 900 E Unit 208
Provo, UT  84602
AFTER OCT 5, 2016
Ukraine Dnepropetrovsk Mission
Karla Marksa 27A 5th Floor
Dnepropetrovsk 49044
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