Small and Simple Things

Me in my neck brace

Me in my neck brace

It’s been a while since I’ve posted.  There are those out there who have wanted to see me in all my glory.  And I always go back to the question of why I have this blog and who I am writing for.  And so.  After asking myself if this is something I would have wanted to read about my own grandmother, I decided I would include the picture for the grandkids.  There was no car accident, no new injury.  Just an eleven year old bad injury that decided to kick in on me.  So after a year of feeble attempts with other procedures, surgery became the final attempt to lower my pain levels to offer me back the quality of life I desire.  So far it looks as if it’ll be successful.  So watch out world!  It looks like Oma will be back in the game soon!

It’s times like these that bring all the things that matter most, home.  Small and simple things are seen for what they are, the essence of this thing we call life.  Everything unimportant stops…appointments, house cleaning, meal prep, driving here and driving there.  No meetings, no lunches, no projects to attend to.   Life just slows to a meandering casual pace, as we look at the mountains more, and notice where the sun is in the sky.   The hurrying and the busyness go away.  And as much as I am anxious to return to life in all its glory, I wonder how long I’ll be allowed to stay in the stillness of the now.  Because the grass is greener somehow.  The sky is bluer.  The rain is glorious and refreshing and I can actually sit and listen to it sing to me…instead of grabbing the umbrella in order to keep going on in the busyness.   They say six to twelve weeks anyway.  I’m only a few days in, so here I’ll be for a bit longer.

It’s desperately difficult I might add, to slow down and let the busy go.  This is the kind of conversation you would have heard in this household the last couple of days had you been here:

Grandpa:  “My J!” (that’s his nickname for me) “What are you doing???!!! You are supposed to be sitting down when you have your brace off!”
Me:  “I just remembered I had to get one thing, that’s all.”
Insert narrative:  Okay, so I am supposed to only take it off to eat and shower (the shower I can’t do till four days which is tmw).  And in my defense I did take it off just to eat.  I cannot help that my monkey mind jumps to a thousand things that I want to do, and I was only bending over to pick up the straw that I dropped anyway, and the cups on the table that need to be loaded in the dishwasher were just right there, and it only takes a second to put the lid on the peanut butter and stick it back in the pantry.
Grandpa:  “No no no!  You have to let us get whatever you need.  You can’t bend over.  At all!”

After a couple of days of this, he ever so sweetly asked me if I would pleeeeease ask him first, every time I took off the brace so that I have his permission and he can watch me like a hawk.  And I was very kind to obey his request for the rest of the day yesterday.  This morning he printed out two pages of instructions from two different surgeons who do this surgery, just to prove to me that I am way over doing it, and I should listen to him and do what he says.  Truly.  Is there anything in the world better than a husband who is so crazy about you that he dotes on you night and day? Right.  He is as perfect as they come :).   So I’ve been properly reprimanded, and I pledge to do my level best to obey all the doctor’s orders.  Grandpa will be reading this, you can be sure, so it’s as if I’ve just signed in blood :).

I believe there is only one thing in the world stronger than a mother’s prayer.  And that is a child’s prayer.  There have been many prayers offered in my behalf in the last little while, for which I am grateful.  I never felt nervous about the surgery.  The risks were low even though it’s a big surgery (replaced two bulging disks, removed four bone spurs, fused three vertebrae).  It was outpatient, and I was home by noon.  The fact is, I felt all the prayers.  I felt the Spirit calming me, I felt the love of my Savior and my Heavenly Father, and I knew I was being watched over.  After I got home, my seventeen year old daughter told me that she had texted all of her friends and asked them to pray for me.  I understood quickly, that all of those child prayers had sustained me and helped me get through quite nicely.  These kids though.  They are the best blessings in life.  And prayer is a powerful thing, when accompanied by faith.

There are many posts I need to catch up on.  But no worries.  I’ll get to them as I can, and they will sit quietly here, waiting for decades as you grandchildren stop by to read.  Here is a short video I rather enjoyed this Sabbath day, since I’m unable to attend church.  I like it today especially, because I’m so grateful for all the prayers in my behalf, and for a Heavenly Father who has answered them so lovingly.  Happy Sunday!  Cheers!

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