(In the picture above, I’m standing in the driveway facing the back porch of the house.  Behind me is the street.  The sand pile was dumped in the spot to right of my head in this picture) We lived at the Walker Road house, on the corner of Powerline and Walker roads.  I lived at […]

What to do when a Goat thinks it’s a People Too

This picture came to me by email today, from my cute sister, Tammy.  She loves animals as you can see.  I do not.  Her email subject… “So, he is a little confused as to whether he is a ‘people’ or a goat.”   Her husbands quick reply?…”What the heck?!?!?!?  Don’t make me come home*€£<|}\~%!!!!!”  Ahhhh, […]

Memories In the Still

This is the second of the two houses I remember growing up in.  The first one is the little house I referred to in my post She Played With Us.  We moved to this second house when I was 12 if I recall correctly.  It was a much bigger house and we were all happy […]

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