hummingbird visits… and christmas… and mama… and LOVE…

It’s Christmas time again.  How did it come again so fast?  But not fast at all.  The days are long, but the years seem so short.  How does that work?  Do you get to figure all that out in the place where you are? Hummingbirds.  We’ve named you our hummingbird Grandma.  Because when we feel […]

Christmas… and heaven… and Mama… and joy

Dear Mama, Tis the season to be jolly, and happy, and giddy, and reverent, and still.  And thankful.  Thankful for the Gospel of Jesus Christ that makes the missing you bearable, at least mostly.  Because I understand why you were here, and what your life was about, and where you are now, and that you’re […]

Are You There Mama? It’s Me Julie

Dear Mama, When God calls an angel home, there’s no turning it back.  That much I know.  The one sure thing about life, is death.  Three months, seven days.  Seems like longer than that.  But that’s how long it’s been since you left us.  Daddy is being really strong, but he misses you so.  Still. […]

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