The iPod is spooked…

2016 November 28

AH. my camera battery is dead which means no pictures this week….i apologize sincerely. i knwo that’s the worst.

HOW ARE YOU my sweet family?! it sounds like you’re all finally in your n ew homes and getting settled! that is so exciting! How was thanksgiving?!

okay, i only have about 10 minutes left so this won’t be my best sorry! thanksgiving here was good! We had Elder Kacher, a member of the 70, in Ukraine! On thanksgiving he was here and we had a meeting with him and president, just me and my comp and the 4 elders serving in krivoy rog. We talked about the work here adn what’s working and how we can move teh work forward even more. It was really cool to get advice from a member of the 70 and our president so closely. I realized what a true PRIVELEGE it is to be serving here. president told us teh story of how it was opened, and it was nothing short fo a miracle. i hope i’ll have tiem to write it down this week and send a picture or mail it. by the way, i sent you a christmas package last week! you’ll have to let me know when it gets there. 🙂 get excited. ALSO. I GOT MY IPOD. BEST THIGN EVER. also……i’m very confused. well, first, i noticed the ipod was differentt han the one we originalyl bought and then the first song we played was weird dialogue about a pioneer, the next was a bunch of pioneer names to music, the next was literally just cow noises and somenoe saying, “hey! get out of there! hey hold that horse man.” and the next was a song about the temple which was WAY НЕЛЬЗЯ (forbidden) no joke, and the next one after that was screamo……sister broadhead and i were dying, we were laughing so hard and i thought it was all a joke. we dug through the box to find the real ipod. but then celine dion came on and i knew it was fine. hahhahaha. so funny. dont’ worry, those are ALL the weird songs, they just happened to come on all at once. SO FUNNY. so were those jokes or accidents or waht? ahahha. we’re very curious. (no idea what she is talking about. seriously all we put on there were LDS artists and Christmas music…)

okayyy anyway. SO MANY MIRACLES THIS WEEK. due to time, i only have time to write one proabably. but we are seeing so many miracles every day. fidning people in cafes and at english practice, and people we’ve been meetign with and becoming more adn more interested. it’s incredible. we’ve also seen teh adversary working hard in teh lives of thse people who are becoming converted. but they are strong. all will be well.

So on Friday at english practice, i talked to this guy super briefly, adn then he stayed for second hour! (we teacht he restoration after english practice every week) the spirit led me to talk to him again after, so i just asked him how it was. he said (in engilsh, don’t be too impressed wtih my russian…haha. he spoke english, i spoke russian.) “I’m not a religious person.” I thought that would be that, because many people say this after we teach teh restoration and they don’t often meet with us again for gospel elssons. but then he said. “But I belive that some intelligence created the earth and us. And I want to know if God lives and if God loves me.” My little missionary heart just about jumped out of my chest! I testified that God did create the earth, and us, and that he loves us and that we are His children. I asked him if he would want to meet with us and he said he would think about it but that he would definitely be at english again next week. He also asked me why I’m a member and if it was just becasue my parents are. I said i know about the gospel becasue of my parents and i’m very grateful for that, but that i did not join because they said it was true. and i bore testimony that i know for myself that this gopsel is true becasue ir ead teh BOM and i prayed. he felt the spirit. I could see it in his eyes adn his coutnenacne. i pray i will hve a chance to speak with him again.

this gospel is so true. thsi work is miraculous. i’m so happy. so so happy. oh…on thanskgiving we just went to a cafe inbetween the meeting and fireside with elder kacher, the fireside was amazing and e had a few investigators who received answers there! it was amazing! LOVE YOUUUUUUUUUU

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