This Boy Though

photo 3

This guy was born screaming and screamed for 4 years straight.

But that’s okay

Because he got it all out in the beginning.  He’s a perfect joy to live with nowadays.  He talks a mile a minute, which I’m perfectly used to and endeared with.  This can annoy his siblings.  Until they leave home.  Then it’s one of those things they always mention they miss the most.  He’s the cleanest and most organized of all the kiddos, which is why is DOESN’T work well to share a bathroom with a sister – all those hair dryers and hair sprays and make up all over the place – this drives him crazy (a boy after my own heart).  The one thing that hit me tonight…one of those moments you realize you’ve taken something precious for granted for too long without noticing…is how willing he is to serve.  This kid will do anything you ask, right away, without question, without complaining.  A good example was tonight.  We’d picked up dinner since I’m still down with this neck pain.  We decided to sit together in the family room and watch the Olympics while we ate.  After we’d all sat down,

it went something like this:

Mom: Nate, can you get us some napkins please?
Nate:  Sure thing
Becca: Hey while you’re at it can you bring me a water bottle?
Nate:  Uh huh
Mom:  Oh hey buddy, I left my phone in my purse on the stairs, could you grab it?
Dad:  Can you had me the remote while you’re up?
Dad:  Mind getting me a glass of milk?
Nate: Yup.
Becca: oooh, I left my phone on the table, could you grab it for me?
Dad:  Mind passing me the blip (remote)?

This boy did it all.  Never even got exasperated.  We even asked him for a few more favors after he sat down and he was happy to oblige.

Wow.  Simple little things.  But so big.  

photo 4

As we often say around here, this one’s a keeper.

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  1. Makes me want to hug him right through the blog sphere. On second thought, would you hug him for me? Hope you are well.

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