Valentine’s Day…some wifely advice

It’s a nice “holiday” if you wanna call it that.  Totally unnecessary, unless you own Hallmark store, in which case holidays like this (made up ones to get people to spend more money on cards, like Grandparents Day) are your life blood.   I guess I’m just the kind that likes to give and receive when someone isn’t forcing it, ya know?  I mean, I LOVE when my husband brings me flowers and a love note, but he will show up with it on a random day, totally out of the blue.  Now THAT’S romantic.  Not that I don’t appreciate a nice Valentine’s card, I do.  But I really love when he does it because he wants to, not because a holiday made him do it!  All in all, we do like an excuse to go out to dinner.  Early.  Like the old folks do.  At 4:30 for the “early bird specials” early.  Even though we haven’t (quite) hit 50.  So you want my wifely advice on what to do for Valentine’s Day?

  1. Bring her a card, sure.  But bring her one on a day that isn’t anything.  Except special because you made it that way.  Throw in some flowers on this random day for good measure
  2. Chocolate?  Always nice.  But for heaven’s sake don’t run into Walmart on your way home from work and get the icky kind that’s not from overseas.  If she’s trying to lose weight, guys, DON’T bring her a pound of it.  Good grief.
  3. Take her out to dinner.  A WEEK EARLY.  You won’t have to wait 3 hours.  You’ll get what you want because they won’t be out of it already by the time you sit down at 11 pm.  And it makes the not Valentine’s Day extra cool.
  4. On the actual (unnecessary) Valentine’s Day, order a pizza and watch a movie at home and cuddle.  Sneak into the kitchen and do the dishes before she notices.  (you’ll get gobs of points for that one!)
  5. And finally.  You’d better tell her you love her, and that she’s the best thing that ever happened to you, and you couldn’t live without her.  But not just on Valentine’s Day.  You gotta do that EVERY DAY.

And just in case you need some help with picking out that card…

Weekly Writing Challenge:  My Funny Valentine?


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  1. Sound advice!

  2. Great words of advice, hope someone takes them. The video was Really Funny–if I thought there was a man left like the bald guy, I might cancel my membership to the Old Cynics Club. Have a lovely Valentine’s Day!


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  2. […] Valentine’s Day…some wifely advice […]

  3. […] Valentine’s Day…some wifely advice […]

  4. […] Valentine’s Day…some wifely advice […]

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