I Walked Where the Prophets Walked (funny story)


  Dear Chiren.., this is an entry that is in the record I am making for us all.  Enjoy.

Walking where the Prophets walked 

This incident happened at the October conference in 1959, or in the April conference 1960. To me it is rather amusing. I believe it was in April, 1960. I was at conference with Bishop Brockbank. Back then, the conferences of the church were held in the tabernacle on temple square. It is a beautiful building. The building was built by the pioneers in a very unusual way. There is some history to that. It has a dome top and the interior is beautiful. We had gone into the tabernacle from one of the South doors and had found and taken seats on the front row on the left. We sat there for a while and I figured that this was going to be at least a two hour meeting, and that I had better go to the bathroom so as to be a little better prepared.

I had not thought that if I went out of the tabernacle and circled around to the bathrooms, the entrances of which were on the West end of the tabernacle, that it would be very difficult to get back into the tabernacle. How wrong I was.

I came out of the bathroom and as I went to doors to get back into the tabernacle, each door was literally crammed with people who also wanted to get into the tabernacle. Inside the tabernacle, the crowd already filled it and there was not room for more. I remember one door that I went to on the north side of the tabernacle and told those who were there that I had someone who was saving a seat for me and to let me in. That did not help, in fact, there was a bit of laughter about my attempt. Quickly, I decided there was no way in through one of the doors. I think there were eight or ten entrances into the Tabernacle. The entrances are large, each having double doors to allow a number of people to enter at the same time.

Therefore, from the north side of the tabernacle I circled around the west end of the tabernacle and came up, there is a slight grade there, on the south side. I saw a line of men going through a door on the south side. It was not a regular entrance door but more like the slightly oversized, regular type door. I think that here is where my having been in the military and having felt that military, gung-ho feeling, habits took over. My thought process went something like this: I need to get inside this tabernacle, and this could be the way.

I had no idea where this line of men that I saw going through the south side door were going. I did not know exactly who they were, but from the position of where I was in the tabernacle with its great big silver colored dome top, I assumed they were of the leadership and since they were going in that way, why could I not go in that way? Consequently, I waited until the last person was on his way through and I fell right in behind that last person and walked right through the door with the rest of them. I stayed in line and they went up some steps which I also went up, and lo and behold, I was right up where the podium was – right at the top of the front. The choir seats were behind me. I made a move to go down the steps to the right of me and go over to where Bishop Brockbank had my seat saved. At that point, one of the people who was in that line stopped me, and asked, “… What are you doing up here?…” I quickly pointed to Bishop Brockbank who also was looking at me, and I told the person – I do not think it was one of the Brethren –, as I pointed at Bishop Brockbank, “… There is my Bishop and he has a seat saved for me…”. That seemed to satisfy him and I went down the steps and went to the seat.

Some folks might conclude that I had a lot of brass to do that. I did it simply because I wanted to get inside the tabernacle and be there in the conference building. I think Bishop Brockbank kind of thought it was amusing that I would do that. As I remember, he had a grin on his face. While I thought about it briefly there, I almost laughed out loud. It was a gutsy thing to do and in a way, I suppose I could have been arrested by the law enforcement for intruding in such a way. It didn’t matter to me at the time because I achieved my objective. Those old habits of being in the Army security agency and having been trained as a military policeman came back in a strong way and I took action at the only opening that I could determine to get back into the tabernacle. That was a happy time for me.

In visits to the temple square, I have stood outside that door which we entered into that day, and explained to those with me just what happened. I think that Beth took my picture as I stood on the walkway and pointed directly at that door. It all has changed now, at least on the inside of that door. I walked inside that door again and I learned that it was the way into the tabernacle choir accommodations. Of course, it being the entrance way to the tabernacle choir activities, is a fairly recent remodeling. But now you know the story of how: I walked where the Prophets walked.

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