Winnie the Pooh and Tigger and KAK SKAZAT

Week 2 (kind of)…the weeks here are so confusing, because this is the end of my MTC week 3, but yesterday only marked 2 weeks of being here, because they counted that first wednesday-sunday as a full week so it gets pretty confusing ’round here. haha.

funny story real quick about why i want a norwex cloth…mom you’ll appreciate this. i thought i would get anxiety pretty bad in the MTC, but i’ve been totally fine. until…..service. we cleaned the showers, and i really thought i was in the beginning stages of a heart attack when i walked into that cleaning supply closet. mom it’s awful. they use chemicals that require BOOTS, GLOVES, AND GOGGLES, to clean with. NO. NO NO NO. and the rags they use are at least 100 years old and have only been washed 3 times i think. that is literally the only thing that has given me anxiety on the mission. and i need norwex i’m freaking out. thanks<3
okay, this week was so good. it did start out a little rough. emailing last week made me pretty homesick, and that was really rough on friday. (don’t worry i’m doing fine today 🙂 ), but on friday i just had a COMPLETE breakdown, and went to Sister Harris’ room at like 10:20. she talked to me, and helped me through it and she said a prayer with me. back up to that morning, sis clark had been really nauseous for a while and wasn’t getting better, i woke up and felt super prompted to get a blessing but had no idea why because at that point i was still doing great. but I couldn’t deny that i was specifically prompted to get a blessing of comfort,so i told sis clark and she said she wanted a blessing of healing but was nervous to ask. she was super hesitant, but i knew the lord wanted me to get one, so i just walked in the classroom and asked our elders if they would give us each a blessing. she was really glad i did. the elders were thrilled. they even said, “we don’t know how, but we knew you were sick today, and we were actually just talking about what we would do if you came and asked for a blessing.” they worked out the logistics of it quickly and gave us a blessing. it was so neat. in my blessign HF told me to pray sincerely, and to read the book of mormon. he promised me that as i did i would be able to understand the russian language. He also told me to look out for my comp and be a good friend to her. it was really cool. sis clark received a blessing for healing,and was feeling 100% IMMEDIATELY after the blessing ended. it was so cool. the power of the priesthood is amazing. oh it was the neatest thing. so…flash forward to that night again. i felt like a needed a blessing so badly, but was nervous to ask this time because i had already gotten one that morning. sis harris assured me that it was fine and said she even got like 5 blessings her first week or two here. she totally comforted me and i went to bed at peace. i was doing well the next morning, but it hit me again in the afternoon. we were doing personal study, and all of a sudden the stresses and all the discouragments and hard things of a mission hit me all at once. i prayed to know if i should get a blessing, looked at my scriptures and the first thing i read was, “come unto me, ye blessed” i knew i needed a blessing. i was sick as well, so i then asked HF if i should get a blessing of healing or of comfort, turned to another random scripture, and the first phrase i read (i don’t remember it exactly) had the word “peace” in it. I knew that was my answer and asked the elders in my district for another blessing. they were so kind and quick to get it ready and worked out, and this blessing was even more amazing. HF said pretty much the exact same things to me. but this time i knew i needed it. i then realized two reasons for feeling prompted to get a blessing the day before when i didn’t necessarily need it. 1. it was a great experience for the elders, and 2. sis clark would not have asked for a blessing if i didn’t, and she needed it. the lord works through mysterious and incredible ways. every member of my district was so loving and sympathetic, and quick to help in any way they could. i love them so much. also, one elder was about to offer the blessing, and he asked “is there anything you want to say before the blessing?” i LOVED that. i could barely speak through my tears, and i just said i was overwhelmed, i didn’t need to say much, but i have always loved when people ask that first. then right before he was about to put his hands on my head, another elder (who had a very rough emotional start to the mission) spoke up, but really it was the spirit, and said “can i offer the blessing?” it was just so cool to see these elders allowing the spirit to work through them. they rule. anyway, after that blessing i felt SO comforted, and happy,and just good. i’ve been great ever since. i still have moments that are hard, but I pray and fake it (thanks dad<3) and get through it. The Lord RULES. My testimony of priesthood power was truly strengthened last weekend.
Okay, you remember Tania? our first investigator? (i hope i wrote about her last week…i don’t remember) anyway, she’s one of our teachers now, and i love her so much. I felt so betrayed at first though, because even though i knew she wasn’t a real investigator, she felt so real, and i think i allowed myself to beliveve she really was,haha. so when i found out she spoke english and all this crud i was so upset. but Tania is real. she taught this lady on her mission, and she told us her story, and then i didn’t feel so betrayed. haha. the teachers here take on the role of someone they taught on their missions and make it as real as possible for us, it’s so cool. and i LOVE her as a teacher. she’s the best. and brother miller. they’re my two favorites. so they are both our two new investigators, who we prepared lessons for thsi week, and then they went out of town, so a sub came and told us we had two other new investigators to each until they get back, and they said, “oh yeah, you’re teaching a lesson in 5 minutes.” i was mad. and stressed. i prepared a lesson for someone i prayed for and loved and practiced this lesson for! i was so upset, and really stressed about it. we did the best we could to prepare a russian lesson in 5 minutes, and i prayed to love her, and then faked it,and the lesson went much better than we though it would. it was much more rough than our other lessons, but that was expected. it’s okay, it was a great learning experience. and good practice. tonight we start TRC, which means we will teach real people (not role plays w/teachers) who live near and speak russian, and came to the MTC to do this. some of them are members, some are less actives, some are investigators. we won’t have any idea who we’re teaching until we get there, so that’s pretty nerve racking. but i’m excited. later on, we will skype people from ukraine and russia for it! i’m gonna try to figure out if we can skype Luda…haha. idk if it will work out, probably not, but it would be so fun. i found my apartment and school in kyiv on google maps yesterday and it was SO FUN! it made me so excited to go back to ukraine!
i found a sticky note marking 2 Nephi 7:4 in my other scriptures last night, and i wrote “ways the lord will bless me on my mission” i dont have scrips on me now, but LOOK IT UP. it’s incredible. the lord has truly blessed me in all those ways. every morning my alarm goes off and i say, “i can’t get up now, but please just wake me up by 6;30 so i can start my day off obediently) and my eyes open and my knees hit the floor at exactly 6:30 every day. it’s incredible.
I LOVE THE MISSION. miracles everywhere. even at home, i hear. na and kels both told me that mama was able to stay the whole weekend at zermatt, has been out of bed more, went boating, and was okay for the few days after. I don’t know about you guys, but to me that is a MIRACLE. In all my studies the first week here, the word “healing” came up EVERYWHERE. scritpures, pmg, speakers, everything. it was so crazy. and it was when i was probably the most concerned i have been the whole time here about mama’s pain. and “healing” kept coming up. i know it may not be much, but that is a miracle, fam bam. truly. the lord is blessing us so much! i love you all so much, and i pray constantly that the lord will bless you. he loves you SO MUCH. you know that? I’m so glad He’s looking out for the best family in the world, because I was quite sad I won’t be there to help for some time. but he’s got you covered, doesn’t He?
okay, i’m kind of running out of time and i want to respond to you individually if i can, so i’m just going to share one more spiritual thing, and then some funny stories, because it’s a real hoot here. i spend almost as much time on the floor laughing as i do on my feet walking.
okay, choir here is so spiritual. the mission has strengthened my testimony of and the reality of Joseph Smith so much, and much of that has been during choir. our director is INCREDIBLE. he creates this image of our mind, of us taking our investigator by the hand and walking them into the garden, and standing there witnessing the first vision. and he explains how Joseph was feeling, changes the tone of how we sing the song according to their emotion or the way we would sing it, and paints an image in our minds according to how he wants us to sing it, and it is the most powerful thing ever. I KNOW that joseph smith saw god and jesus christ that day in the grove. i know he restored the gospel and translated the book of mormon by the power of god.
for tuesday night devo, Bonnie L Oscarson  She is the current president over all the young women in the world in our church. here is a link to her bio on the lds website here
(pause, i apologize for this horrible grammar, the shift key on this keyboard doesn’t work all that great haha) came, and it was AMAZING.  she talked all about how we are MEANT to go to the mission we are called to. i realized the other day that i KNOW i am supposed to go to ukraine, but i never really let the spirit testify to me that i am meant to go to dnepropetrovsk. sometimes i catch myself wishing i was going back to kyiv. i’ve been praying about this, trying to know that i am going where i am supposed to, and on tuesday night that all changed. I can now say with full confidence and no doubts that I KNOW I am meant to go to the Ukraine Dnepropetrovsk Mission. that i have brothers and sisters there that i promised at some point in the eternities that i would bring the gospel to. i know that’s where i belong. that talk was a complete answer to my specific prayer and i am grateful. the lord truly is looking out for us,is aware of us, and is eager to answer our prayers. i know that.
okay, funny stories. Did i mention elder ulrich last week? he’s the big goof in our district that made nearly half the cafeteria laugh for who knows why? he is so funny and happy, he reminds me of tigger a lot of the time, just bouncin’ around so so hyeppy. but sometimes he’s winnie the pooh. he also looks just like winnie the pooh, like almost exactly, it’s the best thing. also, you should know that he’s probably most tone deaf person i know, and yesterday during personal study he just sat in the doorway singing hymns in russian out loud, for the full hour plus some. at first it was way cute and funny because winnie the pooh, you know, but at some point it became so spiritual and so neat. anyway, that was just way fun, i love our winnie the pooh. it makes me so happy. also, when he’s tigger, he’s always saying “KAK SKAZAT” so loud. ( all those “a”s are prounounced “ah” and that means, “how do you say”) but he asks about the funniest things. OUT OF NOWHERE. like, no surrounding conversation even makes sense why he would ask it. but here’s a few things from the long list i keep of the things he asks how to say, it’s so funny to us. “did i stutter?, big fudge, squeeze the lemon, unicorn horn, Schlegel (an elder in our district” is a lady’s man), put him on a grill, you’re a noob, this is the most awkward moment of my entire life, and rave.” oh my goodness, it’s so funny. sis clark and i each have a list in our notebooks titled “Elder ULrich’s kak skazats” it’s way fun.
so, estonian is the language of the fairies i’m pretty sure. it’s so cute. the word for “broccoli” is pronounced “spoddegyelcopsauce” pls say that in a high voice now. two elders in another russian speaking district always say it when they see me and sis clark and it’s so funny. we’ll go up to each other’s classroom doors and say it so they can hear us in the middle of class and it’s hilarious. we’ll be talking about how to help our investigators feel the spirit or something and then we just hear, “spoddegyelcopsauce” and i LOSE IT every single time. it’s so funny.
umm remember how elder ulrich laughed because his comp burped and i was going to burp to make him laugh even harder? yeah, i did, and he looked at me with the most disappointed, disgusted look, and then just walked away. hm. not what we planned, haha. it was still pretty funny though.
so sis clark and i have been thinking of things we can work on to be more exactly obedient, so we read the “white bible” yesterday, and i got to dress and grooming and looked up at her and said, “…sister. did you know it says ‘bathe daily’?” we both looked at each other with the most blank look for a little bit, and then i said, “it’s been like 3 or 4 days, what about you” she responded, “at least 3.” crud. we set goals that day and the first one was “shower” so that was pretty funny. most people’s first goal have to do with scritpure reading or russian studies, but our #1 goal was to shower. go us. hahaha.
OH. every time we ask a question in russian class that has an answer much too complicated for us right now, our teacher just responds with, “patome” (that means “later). so we always say, “AH, I HATE PATOME. and then yesterday, we started learning conjugations, and our district leader, Elder Penndleton’s face just dropped and he said, “we are right in the middle of the patome-ic river.” so good. oh my gosh. we laugh so much it’s outrageous. also, since he’s district leader he gets our mail every day, and yesterday he gave us our mail and it was so funny. there are a few of us that get mail every day (i’m one of them, thanks fam bam<3 you’re #1), so he gave us our mail like it was a game show, saying “our first delivery is a stack of dearelders, who’s it gonna be?! OHHH YOU’RE RIGHT IT’S SISTER KANE.” that seems way more stupid over email, haha but we thought it was hilarious.
okay, last one. this is for katie and ash mostly. you know how we say “spikeball” and we kind of sound like chickens? (pls demonstrate for anyone who doesn’t understand) yesterday, (i have no idea why) sis clark said the name “brad blake” and in my slap happy, exhausted, ridiculous state, i immediately responded by saying “brad blake” just like we say “spikeball.” i could not tell you what came over me when i did that, but i did. we both lost it, and were laughing for probalbly 10 minutes at least. why are dumb things the funniest things on a mission? we are so amused by the silliest things.
okay, now that i’ve written a novel, i better email some people individually before i get off. sorry for the super long email! i love you all so so much. don’t ever worry about me, i’m having the time of my life, laughing like crazy, and growing and learning so much in mind and in spirit. the mtc is incredible. i love it here. i pray for you all constantly. I LOVE YOU.
Cectpa Kane.
Sister Jessica Kane
Provo MTC
2005 N 900 E Unit 208
Provo, UT  84602
AFTER OCT 5, 2016
Ukraine Dnepropetrovsk Mission
Karla Marksa 27A 5th Floor
Dnepropetrovsk 49044
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