would YOU like to live with intellects???


So this happened.  We’re sitting on my bed, just finishing Scripture and Prayer with the kiddos and this conversation follows…

Nathan: Mom, how high can you count in doubles?
Me: I don’t know….99.
(rolls his eyes and giggles)…(Becca just realizes what I’ve said and starts giggling)
Nathan: NO, Mom.  In doubles.  Not how high can you count in double digits.  Like, 2-4-8-16-32-64…
Me: Ohhhhh, right. (I really have no clue, I’m just pretending to realize my mistake)
Nathan: Wait I can go higher than that (makes it to 4 thousand something, he loves to challenge himself)
Becca:  STOP!  Mom, this kid started counting today to get himself to relax.  That’s weird.
Na:  Well I lost my tootsie roll!  I had to get my mind off of it!
Becca:  So you just start randomly saying numbers?  Yeah, that’s not normal.
Na:  Becca, what’s 50×50?
Na:  Okay what’s the square root of ….
Becca:  MOOOOM!  Make it stoppppp!
Na:  Okay no, what’s 352×25?  (he tells her the answer before she can whine)

(Becca finally rolls off my bed and heads down to get ready for bed, something she’d been too tired to do until little brother started messing with her brain)

This folks, is what it’s like to live with aleins intellects.

 At least I’m good at story problems:

Q: If I have 4 apples and you have 6 pencils, then how many pancakes can fit on the roof?
A: Purple.  Because aliens don’t wear hats.


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  1. Very funny. Coping by pretending to understand your mistake – LOL – I use that one all the time! My grandkids run circles around me in the math department. Long division, next. Yikes!!

  2. Thought I commented but it disappeared

    • You did, thank you! I’m just out of town and it took me a minute to get in here and approve it. It’s so true that our grandkids run circles around us…my mother in law came over the other day because she got a new “smart” phone and couldn’t figure out how to use it. My 14 year old proudly took over and spent over an hour showing her all sorts of stuff. I finally had to tell him, “honey Gma doesn’t know what “apps” are so let’s just teach her how to make calls and check her bank.” It’s not uncommon for me to hand my phone over to one them and say “just fix it!” Thanks for your comment my friend! I love your blog, especially the story about your name…Cheers!

  3. This is precious! Can’t stop smiling. I found your link at Levi’s Daily Thoughts and your name/title caught my eye. I’m an omi with two grand-cuties, ages 4 and 5. They live 300 miles too far but stay close to my heart. Blessings!

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